Exodus Experiment

If you are feeling stuck in your ministry and/or are aware changes need to happen yet you don’t know where or how to begin, consider participating in the Exodus Experiment! With an emphasis on experiment, this five-week workshop is a structured digital “wilderness” in which you can (re)align your ministry’s values and mission and explore possibilities in community with others. Though there will be various kinds of resources offered, this is not a “how to” workshop that supplies solutions. Rather, it is a curated space to purposefully imagine new ways forward in your ministry.

The Exodus Experiment is primarily asynchronous with live group coaching sessions halfway through. This means you can engage the anticipated 3-5 hours a week whenever your schedule allows. To parallel the biblical stories in the book of Exodus, this workshop is built on these assumptions:

  • You are aware that things in your ministry aren’t working as they could.
  • You’re willing to cross into the great unknown and are open to authentically engage who/what you encounter.
  • You’re trusting the experimental nature of this process to make known that which is unclear.
  • You already have what you need! God will and does provide the rest.

By the end of this not-quite-40-day trek, you’ll have new tools and resources that you can immediately employ in your ministry setting. You’ll also leave with Problem Statements for further development with ministry stakeholders and/or to continue with the Theory of Change workshop. Finally, you’ll gain a new group of people with whom you can continue to explore transformation in your various ministries if you so choose.

Current Offerings

None at this time. Please check back soon! In the meantime, you can check out this sample session to get a sense of the course structure.

If you're interested in setting up a session for your group, please email Phiwa Langeni ([email protected]) with "Exodus" in the subject line.