Why Innovation?

Because it is inextricably woven into Christianity and life itself. From the very beginning of the Bible, innovation is present. God creates a whole universe from nothingness. Innovation! And it doesn't stop there. Throughout scripture, innovation makes appearances.

  • Daring escapes from enslavement? Innovation.
  • Wilderness wandering and sustenance? Innovation.
  • Prophetic wisdom and visions? Innovation.
  • Miracles of Jesus? Innovation.
  • Acts of the early church? Innovation.

Beyond scripture, our very bodies are tangible evidence of God's innovativeness! As humans made in God's image, one could argue that we, too, ought to embrace and operate from our divinely innovative selves.

Asking New Questions

It's been said that doing the same things over and over again produces the same results. Culture is shifting faster than any other time in human existence. The church is yet coming to terms with that reality. One simple way forward is to ask new questions so that, in seeking answers, we can land in new places. Even if we retain previous practices, getting there from a new angle often illuminates essential elements that routine and tradition overlooked. When it comes to innovation in the church, though short, "why?" is one of the most powerful and accessible questions to ask.

Sculpture of a question mark lying on its back