The Data Beta School is an experiment of the Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data (CARDD) of the United Church of Christ (UCC). Playing on the CARDD Team's love for data and animals, the Data Beta (like the betta fish and technology's term for testing) School is a faith-based laboratory for:

  • piloting and evaluating courses, software, and programs;
  • developing new content with/for the various settings of the UCC;
  • exploring new ideas for feasibility, scalability, and sustainability;
  • collaborating with UCC and other denominations;
  • supporting and encouraging innovation throughout the UCC;
  • sharing denominational and other resources and strategies discovered in our work;
  • identifying innovators and early adopters who can help strengthen and share ideas with everyone;
  • listening and responding creatively to God's Still Speaking Voice.

Note: the Data Beta School is an evolving space hosted by CARDD. Though its practices and operations are informed by the UCC's values and commitments related to creating a Just World for All, it is extremely experimental and does not officially represent the denomination as a whole.